Play California Gold

California Gold is done with a lot of detail graphics and animation

California Gold is a slots game with bonus functions and a huge jackpot! In this game you can find symbols like sneak-thief, mine, maps, donkeys and dynamites

5 7


Vincent Fletcher 2018-10-21 07:01:52
This slot game is fun, fast paced and with lovely soundtracks. You can really win! California Gold video slot is a very funny video slot.
Mélanie Philippe 2018-10-14 07:01:38
I can spend hours at the Mr Ringo online casino. This slot game brings me a lot of joy. Yet another new and exciting game.
Kristina Nguyen 2018-10-07 07:01:43
California Gold is an all-new, world-class online casino game. A great way to spend time. The Mr Ringo casino is very cool.