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Registering at Mr Ringo lets you use all the products available on the site. Registration entitles you to open a Mr Ringo account at no cost and with no obligations. Use the account to manage your bets and personal details. You need to deposit real money into your account before you can place bets with real money.

This means that you have already successfully registered with Mr Ringo. If you have misplaced or forgotten your login data please click on the “Forgot?” button in the login area or simply send our Customer Support Department a message with your first and last name, your residential address, your date of birth, and the e-mail address you provided when registering with Mr Ringo.

Please note that you cannot change your basic information you registered with, such as your name, surname, date of birth, currency, or regional settings for your Mr Ringo account after registering. Data security is of the highest importance with Mr Ringo. But you can change other data such as email address, language, etc. after the registration.

In special cases, confirmed and accepted, by Mr Ringo a change from your basic data can be achieved if you provide the necessary proof.

Mr Ringo aims to keep your personal information protected and secured. Customer privacy is fundamental for us.

We collect and use your personal information to give you superior customer service, to provide you with convenient access to our games, and to keep you up to date on the latest prize information, winner's announcements, Jackpots, special offers, new games and other information we think you'd like to hear about. Your information also helps us to increase customer's satisfaction and develop new games. You choose the amount of news you wish to receive.

We store your information, after your registration, in a secure database. Mr Ringo uses 'cookie' technology which allows us to recognize your computer in any of the subsequent visits. Mr Ringo uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • To identify the Account Holder's preferred language, so it is automatically selected when the Account Holder returns to Mr Ringo
  • To ensure that bets placed by the Account Holder are associated with the Account Holder's betting coupon and account
  • To ensure that the Account Holder receives any bonuses the Account Holder is eligible for
  • For analysis of Mr Ringo Website traffic so as to allow us to make suitable improvements. Please be aware that it is not possible to use the Website without cookies

You can at anytime change your browser's settings to control cookies.

All Mr Ringo financial transactions are secure and protected using the highest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption methods. Please note that we do not store any personal information such as credit card numbers and/or internet wallet ID's related to your transactions.

Payments can be made to your bank account, credit card, or e-wallet.

For regulatory compliance reasons, and the security of your account, it is necessary to submit documentation for account verification. This procedure is done only once. Once completed, you will be able to enjoy our full services and promotions without limitations and you will also be free to withdraw at any time.

To request a new password, click on "Forgot?" button on the login area to proceed with the change. You will be sent a new password via e-mail shortly thereafter. Please copy the code in the email we have sent you and paste it in the Activation Code box before you type your new password twice, then verify by typing your birth date in YYYY/MM/DD format.

For this reason, always make sure you use an active e-mail address in your Mr Ringo account!

Once you have logged in your account, press on “My account”, click on profile and you will be able to change your password from there. Always make sure you keep your login info secret. Mr Ringo is not liable for any misuse of your account! We advise you to choose a password that is hard to guess (e.g. an arbitrary combination of letters and digits) and to change your password periodically.

Simply send a message to our Customer Support Department specifying username, complete name and date of birth. The email must be sent from the email address registered in your Mr Ringo account.

Please check online to find out how much processing time is required for your selected depositing method. If that duration has already elapsed, please send to our customer support department your username or user ID, the selected payment option and any error messages that were displayed when you tried to make the deposit.

CVC/CVC2 stands for "Card Verification Code". You will be asked to give this code as a security measure when making credit card payments via telephone or Internet.

This three-digit code can be found on the back of your credit card on the area designated for your signature. If you can’t find any code there, please check with the bank that issued your credit card.

Every payment method has deposit limits preset by Mr Ringo. In special cases it is at the discretion of our company to alter deposit limits if necessary.

Nevertheless, you can set your own deposit limits. To do so, you must log in your account, click on “My account”, click on "deposit limits" and then you will be able to set daily, weekly and, or, monthly limits.

With exception to the e-wallet methods which are instant, all payment methods need 2-5 working days to clear the transaction from the moment of the execution.

Mr Ringo executes withdrawals within 72 hours from the time that request has been submitted.

There might be several reasons for a withdrawal cancellation:

  • Bonus requirements not fulfilled
  • Wrong personal details, bank account number etc.
  • Payment Server failure/disconnection
  • Other

You can always talk to our Customer Support Department with any queries.

Mr Ringo regularly offers bonuses, competitions and promotions. If you don’t want to miss any of our offers subscribe to our newsletters and/or look at our Promotions page.

Important: Always make sure when you claim an offer to read the respective terms and conditions. It is implicit, that once you have received the offer, you have accepted the promotional T&Cs which are additional to the general T&Cs.

You can find the sports definitions, terms and rules in general, in the Terms and Conditions section, as well as in the tab Bet Types inside here in the FAQs.

First, login with your user ID and password. Select one or several bets from our line-up and use the mouse to click on an outcome. Your bet will then appear in the bet slip on the right-hand side of the homepage. Next, specify the amount you wish to wager and your preferred category (single, multi, or system bets) and click on “next”. In the third and final phase, you can either confirm the final placement of the bet or cancel it. Please note that our T&Cs do not permit cancelling any bets once they have been placed.

SP is the starting price. Should your selection win you will be paid out at the odds of your selection at the start of the race.

A single bet is when you pick the outcome of one event. You can win the odds multiplied by your wager. You can make a series of single bets using the ‘Single’ tab at the top of the betting slip.

A combination bet is a bet that depends on the outcome of more than one event – you can add up to 12.

If you select 8 events the ‘Combinations’ tab will allow you to make an eightfold bet. This is an accumulator and you need to have predicted every event correctly to get a return. If you win, your stake will be multiplied by the total odds of the 8 events.

The ‘Systems’ tab will list all the different combination bets available within your 8 selections. You can then bet on them but remember – your stake is multiplied by the number of possible outcomes. So if you wanted to bet ‘sixfolds’ (combinations of 6), your stake would be multiplied by 28, as that's how many winning combinations of 6 are possible within your 8 selections.

A Trixie is when you select 3 events and place 4 bets – 3 doubles and 1 treble. A Yankee is when you select 4 events and place 11 bets – 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold.

When you make a system bet you can also select bankers. These are events where you’re very confident of the result so you want to include them in every combination. Only combinations containing the banker will be placed and the banker must win for you to get any returns.

In Pre-match and Live betting, it is possible to combine up to eight (8) different bets on a single slip. Based on these eight (8) selections you can choose combinations of singles, doubles, trebles

  • A ‘Trixie’ is a combination, which includes one treble and three doubles from a selection of three matches.
  • A ‘Yankee’ is a combination, which includes one fourfold, four trebles and six doubles from a selection of four matches.
  • A ‘Patent’ is a combination, which includes one treble, three doubles and three singles from a selection of three matches.
  • A ‘Canadian’ (also known as ‘Super Yankee’) is a combination, which includes one fivefold, five fourfolds, ten trebles and ten doubles from a selection of five matches.
  • A ‘Heinz’ is a combination, which includes one sixfold, six fivefolds, fifteen fourfolds, twenty trebles and fifteen doubles from a selection of six matches.
  • A ‘Super Heinz’ is a combination, which includes one sevenfold, seven sixfolds, twenty-one fivefolds, thirty-five fourfolds, thirty-five trebles and twenty-one doubles from a selection of seven matches.
  • A ‘Goliath’ is a combination, which includes one eightfold, eight sevenfolds, twenty-eight sixfolds, fifty-six fivefolds, seventy fourfolds, fifty-six trebles and twenty-eight doubles from a selection of eight matches
  • BANKER is a selected event which is forced to be included in all system combinations. If the Banker is lost, then the entire system bet is lost.

    We aim to settle bets as quickly as possible, although sometimes we have to wait for official confirmation of the result. The money goes directly into your account and is available for further bets.

    No, it is not necessary. The sportsbook and casino wallet are merged, therefore you can simply clcik Casino and continue playing

    The casino is played in EURO. Any currency is converted in Euro according to the current exchange rate.

    Gambling can be addictive

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